Dear Alistair, Thanks for all your patience and direction during my Rubber Duck magazine days.
 Hopefully you will be you will be pleased to hear that your words of wisdom still play an invaluable part of my everyday practices as I continue to strive for the seemingly impossible.

Jon Saxon, Founder of The Rubber Duck Magazine, Author of "Another Quarter Mile and then Some

Today’s cries of pain: “no time to think”, “too busy to plan”, “too much data not enough time” so what? You have to stand back to see the wood from the trees, but you also need help to see clearly. Alistair does not impose himself; he helps you find your solution to your problem or opportunity. He helps you dig out what you really think and helps you face the truth. He then helps you find your own answer and helps you face the truth. It’s weird working with Alistair; an almost out-of-body experience where at one and the same time you think subjectively and consider objectively I hate consultants who are so bloody smart they come to you with their answer, their proprietary tools, and as often as not leave with the top job. Alistair isn’t the hero of the piece, you are; he helps you find the answers to your problems. The service industry is unforgiving, it gives you very little space to think; and I don’t mean taxi time between meetings, I mean focused, concentrated, uninterrupted time. Time is at a premium, so when you’ve found some you have to use it well. That’s where Alistair comes in. He gives the sessions shape, keeps his eye on the objective while making sure you explore, and helps you find the solutions yourself. Nothing distracts you from the job at hand. I found my sessions with Alistair invaluable. The clearest thinking is done when there is no hiding place, when you have to face the truth of the situation and provide the answer yourself. He’s the best facilitator in the business.

Marek Jezewski | General Manager Ogilvy Warsaw 1997- 99