Over the last 30 years Alistair Delves has been the go-to person to lift business leaders out of boxed-in thinking. 

As your 2nd brain, he provides an oasis of calm for leaders to access regularly – an oasis for contemplation and recalibration, where they can clear their minds and start to see what actually needs to happen to maintain a grip on the agenda.
The blight of the contemporary world is the deluge of news and misinformation and the incessant demand on our focus and brainpower. Screens constantly demand our attention and reward us with the next dopamine fix.
Social media has undermined our self-confidence and seduced us into competitive arenas where we are envious of others and forget about our own unique gifts – such as our imagination. 

 Our desperation to make more money and stay ahead of the latest gossip or the share price has made all of us much poorer. If we stay in rush mode, we miss the magic of the moment. We no longer have the time or mental space to reflect or think properly.
Under the high pressure of modern life, many leaders get sucked into process and respond by diving deeper into the minutiae of detail. They revert to a command-and-control leadership style as they desperately seek to control everything that they possibly can – but this only provides a superficial blanket of security. 

 The fear of not being in control drives them into boxed-in thinking that is risk-free, repetitive, stale and claustrophobic. It also disempowers talented teams: individuals quickly become dispirited and de-energised as their talent appears not to be needed.
We have lost the art or inclination to think for ourselves and prefer safer solutions by referencing the past. 

A fresh  approach and new

thinking are urgently needed.

How Alistair impacts you and your team


He blows away the cobwebs in the mind. He targets problems like a pocket-sized Exocet. 

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His ethos has always been about working smart – rather than hard – on the core strategic priority.


He has a proven track record of delivering added value to his customers, along with balance and wellbeing.

Through deep listening, Alistair quickly lifts his customers into a higher domain where the views become breathtaking, and the air is fresher and intoxicating. Within this domain new opportunities appear, and the excitement and energy resurface.  

This experience has been described as transformational.

 Peering over the horizon from this unique helicopter perspective offers a glimpse into a compelling future. It delivers a real competitive advantage to the business. Leaders start to believe again. Their world is suddenly awash with fresh thinking. They are filled with a deep sense of calm and certainty about the future.

They become inspirational.

Alistair Delves is passionate about of enabling managers to become charismatic leaders. No matter the size and structure of organisations. And enabling them to better navigate these turbulent times where constant change is the default scenario. 

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They soon stand tall. 

Alistair Delves - Home Page

They are resolute.

Alistair Delves - Home Page

They are unstoppable. 

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” 

Albert Einstein

Your 2nd brain is the spark that ignites their imagination. It becomes the catalytic brain that generates new insights for customers. A brain for new perspectives. A brain for solutions.

 A brain for the journey ahead. 

It’s a plug-in strategic resource that can be activated day or night 24/7. 
Boxed-in thinking is consigned to the scrap heap of history.